Invisible reCAPTCHA

I have used v3 in Rapidweaver and I had to do nothing about scores or anything like that, the only thing I needed to provide were the correct keys. Once I generated the keys I have since never been back to the Google site.

Maybe the form developer was handling all of this somehow in the background.

Hi @handshaper,
Yes, v3 of google captcha works on the premise of scoring. If you provided that secret key and it was in the js, then every spammer will use your form for nefarious purposes :wink:

This is the tradeoff, I might be able to build a new bric, but it will have score settings and you will need to regularly check your google admin account to see how many form requests are being denied, based on your current setting. So, if you and a bunch of others, want less ‘friction’ for visitors, but are willing to do more maintenance work, then I can put it on the to do list.

Hi Bill.
Can this be set to have no user interaction, i.e click the 'I’m not a robot" box without selecting boxes from images?

Yes, it possible to use the older google ‘checkbox’ captcha. That might be another direction to go as well.


Please sendme the brin Kuiyibo@gmail please

For those considering Invisible reCAPTCHA: In the last month or so, I’ve been getting reports of Google changing the way their script works and it is often submitting w/o an image prompt. Your mileage may vary. Note: I will in the coming months, try to develop a better solution.

For current clients: well, I can’t give a refund, but I will try to work something out.

Thanks, Bill